My name is Annie Paige and I live in the beautiful city of Portland, Maine, in an old brick building with tall windows in the West End. When I wake up in the morning I truly feel like the luckiest person in the world to live in such a cute city and to pursue something that makes getting out of bed so easy.

Important things to know about me: I’m a dog-less dog-mom (but hopefully not for much longer), I love coffee, and I moonlight as a nanny, so I really love kids.

If there is anything I could impart to you in this tiny square on the web, it is that I want the people I photograph to be able to be themselves. I truly believe there is nothing more stunning than people who are given the space to feel and be exactly who they are. When we are at ease, we naturally come alive and show who we are - and that’s what I want to capture - YOU. I try as much as possible to refrain from making you do or act in a way that is contrary to who you are while still providing the direction needed to create timeless imagery - if you are touchy feely as a couple, lets be touchy feely, if you like to show your love from a distance and prefer to get out on the town or the country I want to capture that, too.

I love natural light, and I believe in the importance of having the one posed portrait be right on the money, but equally as important, keeping the silly ones, too.

I draw inspiration from what gives me inspiration - deep love, the love of my family and communities; the world in the spring, summer and fall; a really authentic conversation, a good latté, vibrant colors, wind in hair, the splash of someone running through the water... BUT, I also want to know what inspires YOU, what makes YOU tick, what makes time with your loved ones special - so this is where I hope to form a relationship that allows us both to learn those things, and grow in comfort with each other.

I specialize in weddings on Sunday, and photography sessions every other day of the week but Saturday, as Saturday is a sacred day for me for rest and time with family, friends and Jesus.

I am currently booking 10 weddings for 2019, with packages beginning at $2,000 as I continue some portfolio building this year. Thank you for taking the time to browse my page, I hope to hear from you.